Sunday, August 01, 2010

i don't want summer to end!

i know we still have a month left of summer, technically. but school starts back in just two weeks, so it's hard to fool my brain into thinking there's still any summer left. :(

i've been journaling here and there. i'm noticing that i'm choosing bold, bright, rainbow colors. i'm not ready to give in to the earth and jewel tones of fall.

i went to a mini-journal-making class on friday with my stepmom. we took a class with lisa sonora beam called "the daily observer: max your creativity with mini journal magic."

three hours of uninterrupted, kid-free journal making. it was wonderful! :) we made several journals of different sizes and shapes and using all kinds of wonderful vintage and new paper. lisa had a stash of paper for us to use and our fellow classmates each brought a pile of papers as well (as they say, one person's trash is another's treasure, right?) :)

here are the 4 journals i made in class. still need to add some ribbon ties, stickers, etc. we used greeting cards to make some of the journals (love that method!). lisa has a tutorial on her blog here.

summer has been busy with road trips, picnics, swimming, days at the beach, walks to the park and birthdays! my daughter turned 8 and we celebrated with family and a few of her friends at the park a few saturdays ago.

she chose a jungle theme and helped decorate the cake with jungle animals and rainbow sprinkles. i love to put together birthday parties with themes. each year since she was two, she's helped pick out the theme and decorations. her favorite part (mine, too!) is putting together the goodie bags. it was easy with the help of the michael's dollar bins--there was a ton of jungle themed crafty kid items!

i hope you are enjoying these long, warm summer days! fortunately, i live in sunny california, so we will most likely be wearing flip flops and enjoying trips to the beach long into september (and maybe even october!). july has been pretty chilly so far (i think we've barely broken 90 degrees once!) but that's ok by me.


  1. Hey mama, up for a middle of the night eating session. :)
    Love your colors! Mo has just gotten into stamping. I need to get or make some different kinds of stamps for us to play with. Any ideas for kid friendly stamps? We really should do a retreat together. Maybe just us girls and kids at the cabin? the boys could come too I guess. what do you think?

  2. I can't believe (first of all) that school is starting again in 2 weeks! No wonder there's all that back to school stuff in all the stores. I thought they were just trying to be sadistic and torture the kids out of their last month of summer enjoyment, and (second of all), that Maya turned 8!! I don't think my mind will let her get past 5. And no, I didn't think she was 5, but still, 8 is just ridiculous ;) I love to see your inspiring work, Mama! And I'm with K Mama on the cabin thing!

  3. I too can't believe how quickly summer had just slipped sad to see my sweet pea start back to school in just a few weeks. I really love your bold, bright patterns in your the bright hues for summertime fun! Enjoy the rest of your summertime!

  4. I know what you mean about summer's always comes too quickly and I feel it every year at the start of August. Our beach vacation is behind us and everything to prepare for in the fall is all I can seem to focus on....
    Love your journal pages!!

  5. I know....I'm not ready for it to end either! Love your journals....I really need to use more color in my work.



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