Saturday, May 05, 2012

An Artful Life in the Making

hello folks!  it's been quite a while now since my last post.  been busy moving, creating a new nest for my family and a new studio space for my art.

been busy unpacking (a few boxes still remain in the studio!) but i've been slowly putting it all together.  even started hanging stuff on the walls (my own art, no less--as evidenced by the first photo in this post).

spent a few hours in the studio today unpacking and getting distracted.  (as a side note: little colorful, nesting boxes plus colorful buttons and doodads equals hours of entertainment for little ones!  sureya filled boxes and gifted them to me, emptied them, rearranged them, and started all over again.!)

pulled out some cute canvas matroyshka doll fabric that i bought on etsy ages ago and fashioned together a new little art journal (followed the instructions from donna downey's online class).  and i even started a page!  woo hoo.  we'll see how it turns out.  waiting for the paint to dry now.

ok. back to the studio!  hope you are enjoying spring in it's last flowery throes before summer arrives.  i can't wait for warm weather.  it means more outdoor art journaling in the grass!


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