Thursday, September 11, 2008

Artfest 2009, Here I Come!!!

I got my registration packet today and I am so thrilled at the thought of another Artfest! I was going to post a picture of the beautiful cover art but then I realized that not everyone has received their packets yet and I didn't want to spoil any part of the surprise! So I took a photo of one of Maya's little octopus toys (which, coincidentally, the same toy appears in the inside of the registration packet!) And here's this year's logo:

Maya asked if she could go to Artfest this year and I told her I'd take her when she was a teenager--to which she replied, "Awww! No fair!" ;) She is a little Artfester at heart and I can't wait for the day she is old enough and we can go together as mom and daughter! This event is something I hold so dear to me and with so little "rites of passages" these days, I am excited at the thought of being able to take Maya one day. I think if I would've known about Artfest as a teen or college freshman, I would've knocked away all the worries and "what-ifs" and just been an art major or gone off to some funky art school somewhere instead of majoring in something "practical" and struggling to make every job I had more "artsy". ;) Oh well, you live and learn! And that's just all part of the fun of life.

I've got flowers on my mind and striking color combos. I kept passing this fire-bright flower every day this summer on the way back and forth to Maya's swim lesson, and I always thought, "I should bring my camera next time." I remembered to bring my camera yesterday on a little walk and I snapped the above photo. I also like those two colors together: a bright crimson and a darkish tealish blue. Might just have to use that somewhere again...

And I've got Mandalas on the brain, too...I'm preparing for Anahata Katkin's Mixed Media Mandalas class which I will be attending next weekend in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. I saw this cactus-like plant full of these Mandala blooms and had to snap a photo. It is also strangely reminiscent of a sea creature, too, with tentacle-looking tendrils flowing from behind. A coincidence that Sea Creatures is this year's Artfest theme? Hmmmm....I don't believe in coincidence. Everything seems to be connected in one lovely way or another.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to the world...

...Satchmo James McMartin!!!
Born September 4, 2008 at 12:02 am
8 lbs 9 oz, 21.5 inches long
Cute as a button.

Parents Kelsi and Jeff McMartin are so proud! And we are proud of them, too. They made a beautiful little angel together. Mama Kelsi labored all day--her strength and peaceful state were inspirational! And papa Jeff was right by her side the whole time with gentle words and a comforting touch. Satchmo came into this world a peaceful, happy baby. At only a week old, he's already looking around with much wonder and he seems ready to move around! We are so happy you are finally here, little man!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Art Life...New Beginnings

I took this amazing class at Convenzione called "Gridlocked" with Lisa Kaus last weekend. We worked with fluid acrylics, water soluble oil pastels, found objects and other fun stuff. I just wanted to share my work-in-progress. The final step is to coat it with a yummy smelling layer of beeswax. It never appealed to me to work on a wood substrate before this class. I think it's the best surface to adhere big, chunky found objects to--another thing I didn't quite get to finish yet; the chunky bits will get some tiny nails and wire attachments to keep 'em on there for good. ;)

What else is goin' on? Maya stared First Grade last week. She came home from the first day proclaiming that it was just too long of a day and that I could pick her up around lunch time. ;) I hear ya' little one. I didn't like how much school cut into my free time--how much time it took from me in general! I don't do too well with structured, scheduled blobs of time.

I think that's part of the reason I did something really scary and wild last week: I quit my job. I do enjoy teaching art to kids, but it's not my passion. It is my "security net" job. What I really want to do is be an artist full time. It's no coincidence that this decision was made soon after I received Kelly Rae Roberts' new book, "Taking Flight" last week! I have also embarked on a new adventure with Kelsi where I will be facilitating art experiences with new and expectant moms. It was perfect timing. The new venture is called "Expressive Arts Play" (or "Mama Love"). The blog is up and running, we've got three exciting, nurturing classes we're hunting for the right space. ;) Updates soon! We expect our first classes to start in October.

Oh, and today was the first day to send out Artfest registrations for next year's gathering in Port Townsend, Washington. I am SO excited. I can't wait to see what classes I get this year. I'm also considering driving out this time. AND I just signed up today for Anahata Katkin's weekend workshop in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Ca! I get to take two classes of hers that she taught at Artfest last year--Mixed Media Mandalas and Funky Wallpaper People. I couldn't be more thrilled! Hooray for the creative, fearless, artful life!


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