Thursday, June 18, 2009

Right Now

This is in response to Catherine's tag...she posted a fun prompt on her blog and asked us to respond. The question is: What are you all about right now? Here is my free flow, starting...NOW:

being a mom

online art classes
facebook (gotta stay connected and share)
youtube (artsy videos, art technique tutorials)
finding 5 minutes a day for art (sometimes less!)
day trips
intense dreams
wanting to DECLUTTER my house, my life
wishing for a new space to live in
expanding family
connecting with other artists

yearning for sleep!

baby steps
bold, bright colors
the ocean
the sky

half done projects

art journaling
finding my own unique style, voice
being ok with mess
good food
pearl tea

Thanks, Catherine, for the chance to play. ;) I'm blogging and arting a lot less these a sleeping baby on my lap as I type this. It's all about balance and baby steps. ;) I'm fighting the urge to want to do art when she sleeps, cuz I know I need sleep, too! I scribble and glue a little in my art journal here and there (feels good!) and I'm still trying to find time to write a little. That will come with time. Having a baby actually helps with that whole "spontaneous" art and life thing. I don't have time to ponder and second guess my art, if I have time at all! It's just scribble and play and paste...bzzz! Time's up! So that is good. I'm also lucky she is a good traveling baby. Been out of the house a LOT this week. Half Moon Bay (relaxing day on the beach!), water park yesterday (Maya ran through the sprinklers and played on the playground while we chilled in the shade), visits with girlfriends...Life is good! Slightly sleep deprived, but feeling good. ;)


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