Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Collage Projects

I am really having a lot of fun with collage these days!  Still taking Daring Adventures in Collage with Mati Rose and it has been a blast!  This next week is the last week--can't believe it went by so fast. :(  But the good thing is that it has inspired me to make a lot of art on a semi-regular basis (which is why I like to take classes--it gives me just the push I need to make something!)

Each week, we are assigned a "Treasure Hunt" which has a particular theme.  Week 3's theme was "Rusty Things," so I went around the backyard taking close-up photos of anything that had that gorgeous, orange hue!

There was also an assignment to be on the lookout for "mini compositions" that caught our eye.  Above is a photo of one of the many "experiments" I find in the backyard left behind by my daughters.  I just really liked the bright colors and the weird textures.


Each week, we are also assigned a new collage challenge.  For week 4, we were challenged to collage on any kind of surface OTHER than a canvas.  So I went to the local craft store and found some fun, wooden letters to cover with paper and paint!  (It's going to spell "ART!") :)

This was just a mixed media painting/collage I made that was inspired by a photo one of my classmates had taken.  I was really drawn to the color scheme of plum, antique white, rust and chestnut.

And the latest collage was something I did in my small 3"x5" sketchbook.  Sometimes it is just fun and freeing to work "small."  It lets you do big, bold things that you might not try if you have a ginormous, blank canvas or page staring back at you.  And they're quick to make, which is also very satisfying (especially when you feel like you don't have a lot of time to create!)

Well, that's all the creativity going on these days!  I like being back in the studio.  I like just randomly visiting a canvas or journal page from time to time.  It feels good. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Adventures in Art

I'm in the middle of taking another online course with the amazing artist, Mati Rose, called "Daring Adventures in Collage"  and so far, I like what we've done! :)  Above is the close up of a patchwork collage from week 2.  I love taking close-up photos of pieces because they always turn into their own work of art.

This is the whole thing.  Not quite finished--just getting started.  Not sure how to finish it, how to tie it all together.  Or maybe it's done?  ometimes you have to step away, as they say, and gain a new perspective.

Here's another close-up.  This one would make kind of a nice greeting card. :)

And this is just from another project/class all together.  So many paintings and sketches in my studio in so many varying stages.  It's kind of fun to go back to them after a while and add something or just decide they're done and end up hanging them on a wall in my house somewhere.

And this is mainly the reason I can't quite seem to find enough time to get into the studio to create.  :) Lots of little messes to clean up.  But when they're made in the art room, at least they're pretty!


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