Monday, June 16, 2014

New Adventures in Art

I'm in the middle of taking another online course with the amazing artist, Mati Rose, called "Daring Adventures in Collage"  and so far, I like what we've done! :)  Above is the close up of a patchwork collage from week 2.  I love taking close-up photos of pieces because they always turn into their own work of art.

This is the whole thing.  Not quite finished--just getting started.  Not sure how to finish it, how to tie it all together.  Or maybe it's done?  ometimes you have to step away, as they say, and gain a new perspective.

Here's another close-up.  This one would make kind of a nice greeting card. :)

And this is just from another project/class all together.  So many paintings and sketches in my studio in so many varying stages.  It's kind of fun to go back to them after a while and add something or just decide they're done and end up hanging them on a wall in my house somewhere.

And this is mainly the reason I can't quite seem to find enough time to get into the studio to create.  :) Lots of little messes to clean up.  But when they're made in the art room, at least they're pretty!

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