Wednesday, December 28, 2011

december "daily" journal

i say "daily" only because i didn't really journal every day as it happened.  i was on a roll with my daily september and october journals but i kind of lost steam by november. and then december just showed up out of nowhere and in a blink it was gone again!

i love journaling in this haphazard kind of way.  just taking photos and slapping them onto a page with some fun decorations (tape, labels, stickers, cut-outs, etc) and then writing a little bit about the photo or what happened that day.

cavalini stickers.  love.

so, since i didn't really start my december daily until, like, over half the month was already done, i just put together a little page (with the help of my google calendar!) of the little things that happened each day.  i will go back later and print out any photos i have and stick them into the journal to illustrate the events.

i like to write more in my journals, especially when documenting big events like birthdays and christmas.  it's nice to break up a big block of writing with colorful photos and stickers.

i love peek-a-boo pages, too. love having multiple layers so you can kind of see what's coming next.  it adds depth and dimension to a 2-D project.

i like using a variety of colors for holiday projects besides the typical or traditional color schemes.  for my december daily i chose red, green, blue, pink with little bits of gold and glitter.

hope you had a merry christmas and here's to a wonderful new year!


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