Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Journal Love and Getting Ready for My 100th Post!

spent some time in my journal the other night and thought only an hour had gone by...

to my surprise, the clock read almost THREE in the morning! i had been journaling for almost three hours! i like to switch back and forth between journals and pages within journals while i create. it keeps my art brain happy. :)

writing this post tonite, i realized that it is my 99th post since i first started blogging back in October 2007. (my photos were so small! and i had a studio....sigh!) it's funny that my first entry was called "it's getting easier." and it's true. when you start doing something you love, you are relieved to find how truly EASY it really is. when i wished for a studio, and allowed myself to grant that wish, it came together almost effortlessly. i think when you truly want to make or do something, just that little step of granting yourself permission to dream is such a BIG and powerful first step. after that, things seem to fall into place!

so in order to celebrate three lovely years of blogging and creating, i'd like to celebrate with a giveaway! in my 100th post later this week, i'll give all the yummy details. (hint: it involves handmade journals and journaling supplies!) stay tuned and thank you for sharing this adventure with me!


  1. Congratulations on living your dream- big!
    And it's good to hear it gets easier...
    Yahoo for Post 100!

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Wonderful art journaling. I am stopping by from Artistic Mother:)I am now a follower and being inspired by all your posts.

    Congrats on 100 posts:)

  3. WOW - your journals are stunning! I love your elegant, feminine style and all your beautiful pen work - I can see how time would fly. I checked out your finished journal too - I am working on my very first, and yours is such wonderful inspiration. Kristin xo

  4. I really adore the journals you have created for your summertime memories...they are so bright an it! I too wish summer could last all year long....I am dreading winter and all the snow. Congrats on your 100th post.....time flies when your having fun!

  5. Such beautiful and colourful pages! Thanks for sharing them with all the text written in, I enjoyed looking at them for sure!



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