Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remains of the Day Journal FINISHED!

i've been taking mary ann moss' "remains of the day" online journaling/journalmaking class for a few months and i've finally finished my first journal!

these are a few close-ups of the inside pages. the pages are sewn together from scraps and random paper from my studio stash. above is a security envelope. there is a use for junk mail afterall!

there are cute little pockets here and there holding little notecards and tags for hidden journaling.

this is the front and back cover. it wraps around the pages and closes with a long, silky ribbon.

view from above...random vintage papery goodness!

i love the random colors, textures, patterns and loose threads. this is journal love at it's best!


  1. LOVELY! I've always wanted to do something like this but never know where to start. You did such a good job!

  2. I just came across you and your blog....and I have to say I really like your blog!:) That journal is a wonderful idea...what a LOT of work!!!
    Thanks for sharing it....you've inspired me!
    I will be back...happy weekend to you!

  3. This is so lovely. I really enjoy seeing your journals.

  4. Thanks for your comment at my blog! Your journal is awesome, and your blog is so colorful and fun! Love it!!!

  5. hello nicole, i love your work and this blog! :) thanks so much for sharing your creative life with others. it really inspires me to make the most of my creativity too. :)

    best of luck!



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