Thursday, August 05, 2010

Please Help Re-build Trace Elementary School

update: Trace is #20 on the list and eligible for $500,000. Please take a moment to vote for them to secure their spot. The top 20 schools will receive this generous grant. The money will help rebuild the school that was devastated by a recent fire.

On July 5, someone set fire to Merritt Trace Elementary school. The school was mostly destroyed along with millions of dollars worth of books, supplies, computers, furniture, etc. 26 classrooms, and the library were completely destroyed. Classes will be held in portables until the school is rebuilt.

If you have a moment, please log onto your facebook account and vote for Merritt Trace Elementary on the Kohl's Cares facebook page. The top 20 schools with the most votes will receive $500,000. You can vote up to five times for your three favorite schools. Please spread the word!

Trace Elementary is a Visual and Preforming Arts Magnet where students receive opportunities to play instruments, learn how to draw and paint and act in school plays. In times when schools across the nation are cutting out music, art and drama--and even cutting the number of school days--to make ends meet, schools like Trace are rare and even more in need of our help.

My first art teaching job was at Trace. My stepdaughter attended 4th grade there and my stepmom taught there for several years. It saddens me to think that someone would intentionally start a fire to destroy a building--but a school? Unbelievable. I hope the best for the school and the community. Thanks for your help! :)

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