Thursday, July 22, 2010

summertime blues...and greens and pinks and reds!!

some summertime journaling...

been thinking a lot about decorating the house with bright colors!

and getting rid of clutter. :(

hoping to get some more posts up about summer, but i just can't find the time (or energy!)

these photos of journal pages in progress will do for now...

some of my new favorite journaling tags! i have plans for these. i'm working on some mini journals. and hoping to incorporate some photos of summer vacation into the mix. we'll see.


  1. too...i am currenty painting my housr white on the inside and have big colourful plans...its how a always scrap and art and it makes me i figure iwoud ove being in my house so much more with bright coour everywhere...i started with a can see it on my bog....hope it gives you a bit of inspiration to go coourful...xx

  2. These pages are great. So colorful and full of energy.

  3. LOVE all the colors - great journaling!

  4. This is wonderful! I had more time to come back and look today- and you have inspired me a bit more to take this on. I think I may even get my kids to try and start doing this type of thing! (we'll see how THAT goes!) What a beautiful way to save memories and record- and I'm big into that!
    Thanks for ideas....and sharing your work.
    Enjoy your last weeks of summer- because it STILL IS SUMMER...(i don't care what the store signs are saying about back-to-school shopping:)))
    Happy day to you...
    (i have added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your creations:)



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