Tuesday, June 22, 2010

there are not enough hours in the day...

here it is, 12:33 am and i am still wide awake, wanting to soak up every last minute of the day!

you know, all these years, i've said, "i'm not a morning person." but i feel most alive/awake in the wee hours. midnight to 2 am is my favorite these days.

but with a little daredevil baby that keeps me on my toes, and likes to wake up at 7:30 in the morning, it's getting harder to get through the day with all my brains intact.

poor little one bumped her head on a wooden toy box friday night. had to take her to the emergency room at 9 at night. waited an hour in the emergency waiting room. waited two hours in the triage. she was asleep by the time the dr. came to stitch her up. she slept right through it. 1-2-3 little stitches and we were on our way home.

can i just wrap her up in bubble wrap until she's 30? keep her safe from harm? this little one will slow down for no one. she's meeting life's challenges head-on. literally!


  1. Your sweetie is darling. Love that hat:) Is that your creative journal? It is lovely!! I am here from Trudy's blog. I just signed up for the Artistic Mother's Group!!

  2. Hi, Nicole! Just found your blog through Facebook. How old is your youngest? My Sophie is 19 months and she is always getting into mischief, too! I'm worried that I'll need poison control on speed dial soon! No ER visit yet, thank goodness! I love your photos!

    -Your cousin Jen

  3. I completely get the bubble wrap desires, lol. My little girl is so incredibly daring ... much more so than her older brother ever was. The girl jumps off the couch onto hardwood floors for fun, lol. A few more months and she'll be old enough to sign up for some classes to channel the antics.

    Your daughter is just a doll!

    I'm a wee hours person, too. And yes -- it's very hard when the rest of the world, esp. your family, is not:)

  4. lol..i had one like that...he was walking at 8 months...he totally missed the sitting stage...he's still the same now at 17...lol...ful of spirit!!!xx

  5. Poor baby! I know the feeling. Tristan fell a few times when he was little (what am I saying-he's his Mom's son-he STILL falls...balance is not always our best trait!) and it always hurt to see the bumps and bruises that our babies can accumulate. They learn how to pick themselves up and keep walking :)

  6. I totally know what you mean...my sweet pea is almost 9 and I wish I could keep her all safe from now until eternity...hoping she will live with her daddy and I forever....ha!

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  8. I came here via Jenny Doh and your moo card...lovely art and the photos of your sweetie pie are so cute! My two daughters are now grown and on their own...but I still remember that 'wish I could wrap them in bubble wrap' feeling. Being on the other side of childrearing- 99% of the time they get up, dust off and just keep going!! you will **know** when something is really wrong. We moms have a 6th sense about it- you will hear it in their cry- and you will become Momma Bear as you go to help or protect them. Now I have a beautiful granddaughter and I see my daughter become Momma Bear now...and so it goes...

  9. Beautiful journal pages .
    Hope your baby are all right.



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