Sunday, June 06, 2010

vintage ephemera swap

i am a lucky gal! i participated in a swap with the lovely and talented hope karney of paper relics. here are some photos of the most amazing and wonderful goodies she sent me. (just peeking inside that dennison box full of labels makes me squeal with delight!) ;)

here are some of the lovely labels! i feel so spoiled! those little ovals are to die for! ;)

she also included a very generous amount of ephemera! photos, post cards, stamps, tickets, a popcorn bag (i was JUST eyeing some on etsy the other day!), bingo cards, vintage sewing items, more labels!!!

eee! a WHOLE bag of glassine envelopes (neatly tucked inside a glassine envelope with an adorable red label!)

and this is just a sampling of the amazing vintage paper she included! (i LOVE how the word "journal" appeared several times throughout the collection! what a coincidence, because it is a word i am VERY into right now!) ;)

there were pages in several languages, pages from all sorts of old books of every kind you can imagine! there were even bits of embroidery patterns, handwritten ledger pages (big fave!), and schoolbook/kids book pages.

and lovely vintage ladies! oh, how i would have loved to have lived in a time when women dressed in lovely dresses and wore hats and fancy shoes!

and it doesn't end there! there was also a glassine bag full of letters that spelled out my name! AND a card with gold seal stickers (wow!)

(i feel like a kid on christmas morning!) AND there was vintage wallpaper (my jaw is dropping to the floor at this point!) these photos do not even cover half of how amazing each piece was!

thank you, hope for a lovely swap! this was a ton of fun! it is so inspiring to receive vintage items from someone else's stash. and i was a good crafter and i actually used some of the items right away in my journal instead of my usual "stash away and save for a rainy day"! (i'll post about that next!)


  1. Cool stuff Nika! I can't wait to see what all you make with it :) By the way, I don't remember if I told you how much I loved all the favors you made for Sureya's party. It was cool to see them all together here, because I didn't get to see anyone open theirs. Have fun arting! :)

  2. So glad you liked the goodies I sent! I just photographed all my loot from you today and hope to post about it this week!

    What a fun swap! Thank you!!

  3. Huh... really cool & all are my favourite too
    !!! You are lucky gal :)

  4. P.S. I love what a paper nerd you are... "a WHOLE bag of glassing envelopes!" I dig it, I dig it. I'm just sayin'

  5. ha ha, monkey gal. i am a paper nerd! that doesn't even begin to cover it, how nerdy i am about paper! :) karla, the possibilities are endless! the popcorn bag would be great to tuck inside a journal for example, or if you had a a bunch of them, you could use them as gift or goodie bags at a party. most of this paper stuff goes into my journals these days.

  6. I'm totally jealous ;) what luscious and lovely papers!!! Lucky! Have fun using them!!!! :D



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