Wednesday, August 24, 2011

summer fun & giveaway winner!

here i go happily journaling my summer days away. just a few pages-in-progress.  i really like to see the pages before i write on them. sometimes i like them better that way.  full of potential. :)

i just love mixing the craziest colors together. i don't think ahead, just play with whatever catches my eye.

journaling about some of our current summer happenings and catching up with photos from summer days past.  played with my pogo printer and used some photos in my journal.

thinking i'd love to get my hands on an old polaroid, but i heard they stopped making them and the film, too!  anyone know more about that?

and here we are, strawberry picking round 2!  we loved it so much that we had to go back with some friends and show them the fun and wonder of picking your own fruit, straight from the ground!  yum. so fresh and the smell is just divine!

we've been playing at the fountain a lot these days.  it's like going to the beach but without the sand and the fear of little ones wandering into the ocean!

how could i resist this photo of cute little feet?  our friends love to visit and join us on our picnic trips to the fountain where we sit in the shade and enjoy our little oasis in the middle of our lovely downtown.

oh, and congrats to LELAINIA for winning the packet of summer fun from my giveaway.  please email me your details and i'll get that out to you asap! :) (kinueko aT gMail (dot) Com) thanks for all who entered.  i do love to read your comments!  you are always welcome to stop by and chat.  my door is always open. ;)



  1. never cease to delight me with your wonderful pages..would love to just play and have mine looking like yours! Great photos too...I think you can still get polaroids..they may be new versions of them tho...and I know that my niece got one last year....used it for my nephews 21st...just Google maybe even try

  2. WOOHOO! YIPEE!! THANK YOU!! I will email you right after I post this comment.

    If you want to bend someone's ear about the Poloroid thing, I have a friend who would be in the know-Carol Browne her link is on the sidebar of my blog. Just tell her I sent ya. She is always shooting with her poloroid and I am sure she can give you the scoop.

    Hey! I see the matchbox I made in the "you will also like" section below your post! *grins*

  3. That feet picture just melted my heart :)

  4. Love your blog! Your journals are like eye candy. I am a bit behind and noticed that you were interested in a poloroid camera. I have an old one and love it! The SX70 poloroid cameras can be had for about 9.99 plus shipping on ebay. Impossible Project bought the Poloroid company and is making film. They have some art grade films and have changed the border from white to black but I love being able to have my photo instantly. And the kids love playing with it so I get shots I might not have otherwise. Photojojo on the web sells the film. Enjoy! Can't wait to see your creations with instant film!



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