Monday, August 01, 2011

Colorful little pieces

ok, i'm officially back from vacation and getting ready for back to school (eek!)  i was in a little bit of a blog/journal slump the past week.  just didn't fee like posting!  but i had to take down that last dreadful post with the too-dark photo and re-do everything bright and up close!  hope you enjoy. also did a little blog redecorating.  i like it. :)

 colorful little pieces

 meaningful experiences

meaningful (close-up)


 open (close-up)

 the month of joy

the month of joy (close-up)

 hello my name is summer

 hello my name is summer (close-up)


 special (close-up)

 curious (close-up)

 stuff i want to remember

stuff i want to remember (close-up)

the two photos above are of a mixed media painting i did recently.  i was inspired by the style of sarah ahearn and her new book, "painted pages." i thought i'd try something outside of my usual approach.  my first instinct is to cover the entire page/canvas with color and pattern and brightness and joy.  i like this more reserved approach with lots of white space and simplicity.

what creative adventures are you up to these days?  how are you savoring the last few days of summer? let me know in the comments below and i will send someone a little summer sunshine packet of fun.


  1. Oh this is FUN! Great page Nicole!

  2. your journaling is a constant inspiration to certainly have a knack for it, i love your style, as you well know, and you have given me so many ideas and info on what to get...thanks so much for that!!!ps...we are in winter and I can't wait til spring arrives...seriously!!!...sss

  3. We've been pinicking with friends and taking our black Lab, Indy to swim alot. Being in the water is his bliss and it makes us happy to see him happy. ALso we've been enjoying locally made ice cream. MMM!

  4. I've been spending wonderful time with family and friends... Gatherings ... Having lunch together... It's wonderful!
    Really hope to be the lucky one

  5. I'm entering, I'm entering:)

    I love the new font on your blog!


  6. Beautiful pages, love this book!

  7. beautiful !!
    feel those pages are' jumping'..
    your pages are energetic..



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