Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pink and blue

working in my new journal the other day.  played around with a set color combo.  PINK and BLUE.  here are a few pages and close-ups.  remember to enter the giveaway on this post by friday. ;)


  1. Mama! I love the new color combos AND the new look to your blog. The header and fonts are SO cute. I wanna walk into the world of your blog and live here for a few days :) I would never ever think to play around with pink and blue like this, but it looks super cute!

  2. I love the color combination, it works really well!

  3. Hi Nicole! I love what you did with the pink and blue pages.
    I also loved the dress you made your little one! Love the paisley! Love the green & multi colors! I have many happy memories of my mom making me clothes.
    Your girls are so lucky.
    I would love to win a packet, but if not enjoy the last of summer and keep up all the beautiful pages!



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