Monday, August 15, 2011

little green dress (and giveaway)!

my littlest one models her new green dress that i made for her the other day.  it was my first attempt at sewing an article of clothing and i think it came out pretty good! :)  (just don't turn it inside out to reveal all the funky stitches!)

i've always wanted to learn to sew clothes.  especially make them for my little girls.  one of my very first memories (may be my actual first memory!) is of my mom making a nightgown for me when i was 2.  i remember laying down on the floor on crinkly pattern paper so she could trace around my body to get the right size for the gown.

next i'll sew up something for my 9-year-old and then maybe even try to make a skirt for me!  it's funny how all of my latent math skills came in use while constructing the dress.  looking at the pieces, i couldn't believe a dress would be possible.  but i followed the directions and it just all started to make sense.  it also helped that i bought the kit pre-cut to size from this awesome etsy shop.  next up, i tackle a vintage pattern from the 50s!  i'll keep you all updated.

ALSO, don't miss out on a little giveaway in the previous post.  still open until the end of the week.  i'll send a lucky commenter a little packet of artsy fun just as a little way of saying "thanks!" and "enjoy the last remaining bits of summer!"


  1. oh...this dress is gorgeous...i love the fabric too and your daughter looks adorable in it...great memory

  2. Nicole!

    You are talented. Your girl makes the dress even cuter, but this is a dress well made. It's beautiful, as are you.


  3. Your dress is adorable! Keep sewing. my Daughter still has the Dress I made her for her first day of 2nd grade (shes 25 now) It was her favorite dress and I ended up making one for her best friend so the two of the girls could be Twinsies at school :) Aly



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