Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life 101

Take a walk down your street a little before sunset. Take your camera with you and snap little photos here and there--whatever catches your eye: funky colors, pretty flowers, interesting textures...

...ballerina bunny shadows...

Take a walk with a loved one to the park, or to get an ice cream cone or pearl tea.

Take along a small satchel of art essentials, spread out a blanket and just doodle.

Take your shoes off and plant your feet in the grass (or mud or sand or dirt).

Or just lay in the grass and look for bugs, or roll down a hill, or look up at the sky through the tree leaves.

Most of all, just love where you live and explore it every once in a while. I dream of moving to far away places--the high deserts of New Mexico, the coast of Maine, the Redwoods of California (ok, not that far, I guess)--but why dream away your life? Why not just live away your dream?


  1. Awww, what a sweet blog. I love all the photos of Maya and the neighborhood. Thanks for the reminder. I've spent WAY too much time indoors these past few months!

  2. Thanks, mama love. :) we could all use some more outdoor, barefoot, ice cream cone time. i am in such denial that summer is ending. i feel like throwing a tantrum. ;)


  3. cactus flower8/19/2008 4:19 PM

    Yes that's the key! I love your photos. I haven't been getting out too much, i feel so exposed outside, maybe it's the big belly. I agree it's best when you have a little friend to join you. I feel like summer has flown by and kinda like I missed it I've been so caught up in my nesting urges. Honestly I'm looking forward to cool weather and warm indoor snuggle time.

  4. i know, summer has flown! it's crazy. my stepmom told me a teacher friend told HER that August feels like one big sunday afternoon...sigh. i like cold cuddle weather, too--but my heart belongs to warm weather, bare feet and ice cream. ;) you'll get out more when the baby comes--part of it is just needing a change of scene, and sometimes (when they're older) it's guilt! that's how i've felt lately--did maya get out enough this summer? did we spend enough time together? did we do fun, cool, things that she will remember and cherish forever? ;) oh, the worries that accompany parenting...but even if it's guilt driven, it's all for a good cause.


  5. How inspiring you are! Why have I never thought of taking my camera on our walks? Sounds like something the kiddos and I shall give a whirl this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jennifer,

    Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement. :) The camera comes with me wherever I go--you never know when you'll find something along the way that catches your interest. And kids make great subjects no matter the location. ;)


  7. I read all the way back to 2004 Nicole. I like it here. Would you like to trade links?

  8. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for all of your kind and lovely posts! I think we are looking at each other's blogs at the same time right now! :) I've been posting over on your blog and I checked my email and I see all these wonderful comments from you! I would LOVE to trade links with you! :)




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