Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My moo cards arrived the other day in a cute little box. I was curious about these little art cards so I visited and had a great time shrinking my art to fit on little cards. I even made a little sticker book (photos soon!).

Making the actual art the first time was fun and slicing them and reducing them to smaller slivers was even funner (not a word, I know but the only word I know to describe this process!). Each little moo card became a whole new work of art.
It was like a whole new art project. And I was amazed that I actually had a ton of work to choose from. I didn't realize that I had actually made a whole bunch of stuff in this short time since I started blogging several months ago. Just goes to show what you can accomplish if you just start now! ;) A year ago, I wasn't making as much art as I am now and it feels pretty darn good.

I'll be sharing these at Convenzione (less than two weeks away!) along with some little goodie bags filled with fun(ky) stuff for swaps.

P.S. on the back of the cards, I got to add my name and contact info and I even dared to say that I was a photographer! ;) I felt a little shy about this after I got the cards back but I thought I'd put it out there and let that be my next goal this year.


  1. Hi Nicole!
    It was nice to meet you at ZNE! Hope we'll run into each other in the future for more art goodness!

  2. Hi Romy,

    It was nice to meet you, too! Hope to see you at another artsy event. :)




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