Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's too soon for Halloween

Don't get me wrong--I absolutely LOVE putting up Halloween decorations, figuring out our costumes each year, going to the pumpkin patch for that perfect pumpkin, handing out candy and listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller. But I DON'T want to see Halloween stuff at the store in the middle of summer!! (Actually, we've come to the beginning of the END of summer...and if you were to determine the season by visiting a local retail store, it's been Back-to-School since the week after school got OUT!!! and now, they've decided to just SKIP the last bits of summer altogether and head straight for Halloween. Who once said that pretty soon we really will be having Christmas in July? ) Why can't we just live in the now? I know that stores have to sell stuff a little bit in advance but give me a break! The aisles at Michael's are already stocked and ready for Halloween with big blow-up ghosts that howl and black-orange-and-purple colored crafts and decorations. I think by the time Halloween actually arrives I might just not be in the mood anymore. And come to think of it--that's exactly how I felt last year. It just sort of came and went and the excitement just wasn't there like in years past. I had thought maybe it was because I turned 30 and maybe I finally "grew up" or something weird like that. But I think the real reason is because I had been marketed to DEATH and by the time Halloween had arrived, I'd already gotten over it somewhere around mid-August. :( I am also tired of trying to find summer clothes in the middle of summer only to find a small rack of SUMMER DISCOUNTS surrounded by a sea of the NEW FALL FASHION! I don't know about you, but I'm not about to buy a peacoat when it's 90 degrees out. Nor a bathing suit in February! But that's how it goes. I guess I could live in a cave. Or just shop on line--which I end up doing anyway, and ooh, look! 90% off Christmas Decorations! I guess they've got me either way.

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