Saturday, May 03, 2008

Inchies and Art Journaling

I just received my complimentary inchie collage sheets from Artchix Studio. I participated in an inchies swap back in January and two of my inchies were chosen to be included on the sheets! :) What fun! It's encouraging to see my art in print and on sites like Artchix. It just makes me realize how possible it is to have an artful life. Some day, I will support my family with art! There, I've said it. It's only a matter of time now. My goal for the end of this year is to set up an Etsy shop. Coming soon!.... ;)
I've also been at it again in my art journal. It is such a great way to experiment and also to work through stressful or painful times. And I'm having too much fun in the process! :) I even made my own art journal following the step-by-step instructions by Teesha Moore. I've got the process down pretty I want to learn how to make an art quilt cover!


  1. your blog looks so bright & beautiful, full of spring & happiness, yay! and congrats on being included on the artchix inchies sheet, that's amazing! your inchies are too cute, i love them! happy belated birthday to you too, hope you're well ♥
    ps. as soon as you open that etsy shop, you will be supporting your family with your beautiful art :D

  2. Thank you, Layla for your sweet comments! :) Thanks for the belated bday--I had a good one. :) All is well and summer's just around the corner...yay! :) When I get that etsy shop going, you'll be the first to know! ;)



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