Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Update...

ok, it's settled. i'm a funky bright color girl. i've been fighting it out with the soft pastels and lacy things girl. and funky bright color girl won by a hair--or, a funky yarn. raul helped me play around with the html code and i was able to add a side image to spice things up a bit. it was cute. we were IM-ing code from across the room--me at my table and he at the couch--and we were trying to figure things out. this is what my hunny does all day at work and it was nice to share a little of that with him. i can see us in the not-so-distant future: i'm running my own artsy stay-at-home business/art studio and he's on the couch working from home and studying to be a professor (or conducting on-line classes!). he will be my tech support. thanks monkey muffin.

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