Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I love the above photo. There's nothing like taking in the sweet scent of a fresh rose. I see so much of myself in my daughter--everything from facial expressions to the way her fingers look when she's handling delicate flowers or concentrating on a work of art.
Maya has taken up an interest in the house! She has a little toy ironing board by the window in the dining room where she's lined up little pots, flowers, seeds and soil. It all started with a bean seed from school and a tomato seed from a kids garden workshop. Every day after school, she'd go to her little indoor garden, water her plants, make some soil-and-water mixtures, sing to her plants and check how much they've grown. The tomato seed is now a full-fledged plant--it outgrew it's pot and we planted it in the backyard along with the bean plant. I am amazed at how much being a mom has changed every part of my life. I couldn't imagine it any other way now.


  1. And she wants to be just like you right now too! Isn't it marvelous?


  2. Yes! I do love this age. She still looks up to me and wants to be like me and she still thinks I'm just the greatest thing. I often wonder how/if it will be different when she's a tween or teen. Maybe she'll be like me--I didn't give my mom *too* much trouble or drama. ;) We'll see. I'm just enjoying our time together now as it is.




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