Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hard to let go...

...of my art! ;) These ladies are for another creative swap. The theme was "fairies/angels/divas" and we had to use images from Carol Murphy's "Altered by Design" collage sheets. This is what I created using the "Maidens of Avalon" collage sheet. I also used some butterfly and flower images by Crafty Individuals.
I like how these ATCs are so different than my first attempts. I can see a lot of journaling influence in these. I wonder if I kept working on them what would happen...

I try to take photos of everything I make, but it's getting harder to give them away! I started doing swaps because it motivated me to make art...but now I find I almost can't bear giving them up. Maybe I will just pretend to sign up for swaps to keep the illusion of a deadline for motivational purposes. I can make my art and keep it, too.


  1. These are so beautiful Nicole.

  2. Thank you! I love these dreamy ladies. They are so fun to work with. I love to make up stories for them with my art.




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