Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Convenzione 2008!

I am super excited to be attending Convenzione 2008, August 22-24! I am registered for a full day class, "Gridlocked," with Lisa Kaus. I am totally looking forward to the class plus all of the other exciting events. On the first day, I'll lunch with other participants and teachers and after we'll attend the Bella Galleria, a gallery and botique walk in downtown Pleasanton (includes goodies and gift certificates!). That night, we'll attend The Convenzione Show where we'll get a chance to meet the evening's hostess, special guest
Michele Beschen of HGTV/DIY Channel's "B Original". The Convenzione Show includes songs, special presentations and a screening of the documentary 1,000 Journals (everyone registered for the event will receive a free journal! cool!) The next day starts off with breakfast and then a full-day or two half-day classes! After classes, everyone will meet for dinner at the Blue Agave in downtown Pleasanton. The event ends on Sunday with Art Paperie and Pleasantries, a vendor event of over 30 artists, craftspersons, and "purveyors of vintage goodies and fine arts supplies." For more info, visit: www.ZNEcon.com


  1. http://bonniebluedenim.blogspot.com/2008/06/michele-beschen-diy-network.html#links

    Can't wait to meet you, Nicole!

  2. Nicole- great artwork! I send a email for you letting you know that you won the Burd pendant giveaway from my blog! Please contact me so I can get that out to you!! Thanks, Jade Adams

  3. Hi Nicole I know you from Paper Whimsy!!! I'm going to the Convenzione too!!! I look forward to meeting you in person!!!
    huge hugs
    Patti V

  4. Hi Patti,

    thanks for visiting! :) See you there! :)


  5. oh my!! you are going to have so much fun!! ;)

    Give Chel a big hug from me!!

    love your work~

    xo ~Izabella

  6. hi izabella,

    thanks for your kind comments! i can't wait for convenzione!! :)




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