Sunday, September 18, 2011

what i've been up to...

so, september is now more than halfway over...but i decided to start a little september daily journal just for fun!  i was inspired by elise joy and her amazingly-beautiful-yet-simple journals.  (she has a ton of super cute--and affordable--classes, too!  you ought to check them out!)  my september journal is a basic 4x6 ring-bound mini book with a cardboard cover and various paper pages.  i used my favorite scrapbook paper and printed up some 4x6 photos, too.  the great thing about the ring-bound journal is you can take pages out, re-arrange and just punch holes in almost anything to add to your book!

so what else have i been up to?  took a fun class at paper source the other night.  i really needed a mom's night out and this class just seemed like the perfect little getaway!  we decorated blank calendar pages with stamps, stickers, glitter and punched out paper shapes. so simple but so pretty.  we only finished half the calendar in class so i was at risk of not completing this project once i got home! (you know how it is--projects tend to pile up fast!) but i finished up the last few pages tonite and i like how they turned out.  you could do this on regular cardstock.  just type up the months/days in a word document (or use a stamp set) and print on white card stock.  then stamp/glue/embellish as you wish.

and last, but not least, i received a lovely package of wonderful australian ephemera, paper bits and a magnificent hand-made journal (with a fun assortment of lined and hand-printed paper!) from sue.  we were partners in lawendula's paper swap this summer and it was just so much fun, i had to share it with you.  these swaps are so much fun.  you get the chance to be matched up with people from all over the world.  how cool it that? 

hope you like the new photo format!  i'm playing around with using blog templates for a more modern look.  there are some super cool blog templates and other goodies available out there by some talented and generous designers.  all of the above templates are courtesy of pugly pixel.  she has a ton of free goodies and lovlies to pretty up your blog.  

hope you are having a nice september!  


  1. Yes! September is wonderful. It's one of those extra-long transition months, thankfully. I do like the new look of your blog. I might stop by Thurs. afternoon if you'll be home. I'll be in town. love ya!

  2. All looks so lovely and creative. Do you have a journal for each month?

  3. thanks, bonnie! i don't have a journal for each month, but it's something i want to start doing! during the summer i journal in one or two large cahier moleskine journals. last december, i kept a daily journal like the one above and put in little keepsakes/entries/photos for each day. it's something i like to do every once in a while to capture my day-to-day life.



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