Monday, September 26, 2011

photo effects & chalk art

just a little update...i've been having fun this past week participating in ella publishing's boot camp.  it was a week long event that consisted of different exercises in journaling, design, photo tricks, etc.  i learned a lot and this is just an example of how to add a different look (vintage, urban, etc) to your photos.  i love learning new tricks, especially in photoshop.  i'm shooting with the camera on my phone and it takes OK photos, but i always have to end up editing them.  i like this look and it's super easy to do (ok, as long as you know a little bit about photoshop.  but with all those tutorials out there, it won't take long to learn a few tricks yourself!)

over the weekend we went to a sidewalk chalk art festival in our neighborhood.  my stepdaughter participated along with some of her friends from art class.  they made a very cool mural with trees and fairies (photo came out too dark!).  i brought my daughter and her friends to see her big sister in action and they were inspired to draw as well.  above is just a little bit of what they did.  it was a fun day in the sun, watching artists of all ages expressing themselves.  

been working a little bit on my september daily journal. more photos soon.  fall has snuck up on me again!  the days are getting shorter which means i gotta get my photos done earlier than usual.  where does the time go?  so long summer. see you next year! 

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  1. Hi...=_) wow such be@utiful art & blog...I was searching for a piece to draw on a black canvas with chalk and came across your blog, I love the Picture of the two girls with the heart wings...I would love to draw for my Daughter...I also have another Daughter that I have given her middle name just like *You*~Justine...I think I have found my Choice...Thank~You for my I am fadedrose.



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