Monday, September 05, 2011

september has come so soon

well, this is the time of year that i desperately cling to any last bit of summer!  luckily for me, i live in northern california which pretty much has awesome weather all year round.  so it isn't TOO hard.  i can still enjoy sunshine and warm weather and wear summer dresses and flip-flops well into october!

got some much needed time in my journal today.  just started a new one, too (amid a pile of so many others! ha!  art journalers, you understand, right?)

here's a few closeups.  i love zooming into a page and discovering a whole new work of art!

i'm having way too much fun with my collection of deco tape.  this is very different from washi tape.  the deco tape is plastic and bright and comes in all kinds of weird patterns!  my favorite are the transparent kinds.  so fun for layering.  oh, and anything with cute, weird hello-kitty style or kawaii animals.

i love the changing seasons, don't get me wrong.  i can't wait for halloween and christmas and all.  but what i lament most about the end of summer is the end of looooong sunny days.  days that don't end until 8 or 9pm.  i love soaking up the last bits of sunshine.  the only good thing about the sun setting earlier each day is that in the fall, you get the most wonderful, dreamy, orange marmalade-y evenings as the sun melts into the sky.

here, maya combines shadows with a friend to form a strange, two-headed, four-armed mythical creature!

sorry, this post is so RANDOM!!  here is a shot of my work table today.  set it up outdoors in the backyard and played with all this fun stuff while maya played with a friend and sureya napped.  there's a little peek at my new journal.  it's a LARGE moleskine cahier type journal with a green floral print (came in a pack of two at barnes and noble--the other is orange, same print)  i decorated the cover with all my favorite deco tapes!!

journaling essentials are as follows:


rolls and rolls!  different colors and patterns are a must.  i've organized them by colors: warm and cool.  (i found the pencil holders at target for about $3 each!)

all different fonts, colors and sizes.  these are all from different scrapbooking lines.  my favorites are echo park, october afternoon, and websters pages.  you can find these at michaels, target, and your local scrapbooking store (not to mention a plethora of online stores!)

these are my favorite kinds of paper to work with these days (besides vintage papers!)  they are so colorful, portable and not to mention a cheaper alternative to buying the full 12x12 collection kits.  my faves are basic grey, echo park, my mind's eye, just to name a few!


these are my favorites. small and portable.  the scissors are kid-sized, blunt-tip fiskars.  they are super portable, comfy, and are AIRPORT FRIENDLY!  you can take them on the plane with you. (please always check with your airline ahead of time, just in case these regulations change).  this is my favorite adhesive, too.  cheap refills (best deals are at walmart so far).  and this is my favorite glue stick.  others work just fine, but this one smells like almonds! yum!

absolutely my favorites.  they all pretty much write over everything (except the gel pens don't write on plastic or glossy surfaces too well, or on washi tape)  the bright colors are great for coloring in lettering, making doodles, and writing on dark surfaces.  the white signo is great for writing over the darkest surfaces and for outlining.  and the permaball, well, it just rocks!  it's smooth and writes over ANY surface and doesn't clog up.  i have yet to meet its equal!

hope you are living up these last few summer-ish days before fall really sets in.  what are your TOP FIVE must-haves when you journal or create art on the go?  i'd love to hear them in the comments! GO!


  1. I love the colors...

  2. Love your photos, that paper stash looks yum!
    My top 5 on the go items are:
    bits and pieces (have a whole box of them)
    journaling cards

  3. Oh man! I'm in love with your style

  4. I really enjoy looking at each supplies you hav for journalling fun. whoa, love the masking tape too !

    I really enjoy looking at each supplies you hav for journalling fun. whoa, love the masking tape too !



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