Wednesday, September 08, 2010

ok, i'm ready for fall!

i'm usually the last one in flip flops and summer dresses, desperately clinging onto the last few drops of sweet summertime. but after seeing everyone around blogland getting ready for halloween, i am officially ready for fall to begin! :) i forget that my favorite holidays start just around the corner after i've splashed my last cannonball into the deep end of the pool. (actually, we didn't do much swimming this summer. it was one of the mildest summers i've ever experienced here in the past 10 years! brrr! and when i mean brr, it's the california gal in me, going, "it's 65 degrees out? turn up the heater! where's my fuzzy socks??)

peek-a-booo! halloween mini stitched journal/album available in the shop!

anyway, i've been a busy bee and i've added some more items to my shop. halloween-inspired mini journals. perfect for jotting down little notes or tucking in sweet photos of loved ones. i always sneak little goodies into the pockets and folds of every journal i make. kind of a fun little surprise. and a way to get a little creative jumpstart!

i've sent laurie her mini journal in the mail today, hurray! and i'm getting started on sally's custom made journal this week. sally was the big winner of the giveaway--winning her very own custom made journal. yay! i'll share a couple of behind-the-scenes photos of the work in progress. ;) and if anyone knows ejmom, please let her know i'm lookin' for her! (she won the collage pack! if i can't find her within a week, i'll have to re-draw the prize.) these three ladies are our winners from my 100th post giveaway. if you missed out, don't fret. i'll be having them frequently! we'll have another one coming up pretty soon to kick start the fall/halloween fun! stay tuned...

more mini journal pages. i LOVE old paper!

we are still enjoying mild summer/early fall weather here. which means we can still run around in flip flops and bare feet and eat popsicles for lunch if we feel like it. took the girls to the park today and they had a blast. sureya loves the slide! she loves climbing up in her little bare feet and sliding down on her back and then doing it all over again. she is my little daredevil. today, in fact, i walked out of the kitchen only to find her sitting ON TOP of the dining room table, shaking both the pepper and salt onto her feet. cute, but kind of terrifying too! she is a quick little one, i guess the baby gates are going back up! she only had a few seconds lead time on me, but that was enough time to get into trouble!

hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer before the smoky fall air and cool nights wrap around us like fog. i'm looking forward to it. finally. i'm not dragging my heels like i was in years past. maybe because i avoided michael's where they start putting up halloween stuff in july. i really don't like to be forced to do anything (who does?) and i really don't like to hurry through anything as precious as life and the everyday "little" things like the passing of seasons. after all, there will never be another day quite like today.

dirty face and feet: evidence of a great time had at her friend mo's 2nd birthday party!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Your girl and your crafts;) Where did the kitty cutout come from?

    Anyway, I'm too tired to be profound, lol, but I just had to say how much I love the mini's! Your work, as always, inspires me.

  2. Your little one is sooo cute! Love those back to school journals! Awesome!

  3. Love the journals...especially the old paper ones!!! You're so creative...
    Oh I love the park. Your pictures reminded me I haven't been down a slide in ages- I just may have to go do that before the snow flies:)
    Happy day to you!

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  6. ejmom said...
    Ohhh!!!! I won! Yippy! Thanks so much. My email is ***** If you email me, I'll send my address.

    I love your new journal photos. Beautiful.

    ejmom! yay! i'm glad i found you! i removed your email address from the comment to protect your inbox from spammers! congrats and thanks again! :)

  7. Christina said...
    Don't you love Target's dollar section? Good eye, too, on the kitty:)

    Yup, I would love to do a swap! (Does it matter if this is something I've always wanted to do ... but haven't actually ever done, lol?) How 'bout you shoot me an e-mail ******* and we can figure it out? This would be fun!
    9/09/2010 9:58 PM

    christina, i do love the target dollar bin! the michael's one, too! let's do a swap! i'm new at this too, just did my first one with hope from paper relics. there's a first time for everything, though, right? :) i'll email you and we can go over the details. i removed your email from the comments to protect it from spammers. ;) talk to you soon!

  8. Your journals are the coolest! I have been tearing pages out of Halloween children's books this week too. ;0
    Autumn Clark



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