Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mail art and other lovlies

some lovely packages are going out in the mail tomorrow! one is going out all the way to england to sal, who won the giveaway. she is getting her very own custom made journal! here is a teeny sneak peek (but i don't want to give away the big surprise until after she's received it.)

the other package is going out to christina! we decided to do a vintage themed swap! fun!! she's in luck, because i just went to a great book sale down the street from my house and found all kinds of great, old books! ;)

i'm participating in another swap with speckled egg. this one is a black-and-white theme.

so i gathered all my lovely vintage and vintage-inspired black and white lovlies and got to sortin'. next comes decorating the boxes and then sending them off !

i love this box of old buttons. i found it at an estate sale a few months back. it's so pretty, just on it's own. i'll be including some of these in my partners' swap boxes for sure!

the weather is definitely cooling down but it's still nice enough for us to play outside.

sureya loves to stand on the front of her sister's scooter while maya pushes them both down the street. it's lovely to see them having so much fun together.

today was another lovely day. i decided to take little ms. squirly pants out on a walk to get some lunch before heading over to pick up her big sister from school.

oooh, and i even got some art journaling in, too! ;) i packed a little bag with the bare essentials (that was hard to pare it all down to just a few pens, tape and misc. vintage paper. this journal is made from a variety of my favorite paper bound in an old greeting card. the glassine envelope taped to the back page holds little labels and other journaling lovlies.

ms. sureya sat so nicely, eating her lunch while i journaled in between bites.

these are some random shots from the journal. i skip around a lot so the dates are always out of order, but that's ok by me.

i wish! i love this. i should get a poster-sized copy of this and hang it on my wall.


  1. What Lucky Prize-Winners:)
    I love your make me want to go write in one this very moment. (But your journals look so much more inspirational...:)
    Glad you got time to enjoy moments with your sweeties and write:)
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. I'm soooo excited to get my package (and nervous in anticipation of you getting yours, lol.) Thank you so much for suggesting the idea! I love love loved doing it and look forward to spreading the loveliness around:)

  3. Oh my GOSH! I can't believe that I've been gone so long ... your tiny little BEAUTIFUL baby is a toddler???!!!! Heavens to Betsy! Your girls are just lovely - as well as your art, dear! My creativity always gears up for a go when I stop by for a visit :)




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