Monday, September 13, 2010

Etsy Treasury: All Souls Day

I LOVE curating treasuries on etsy. it's like window shopping and creating an inspiration board all-in-one. i typed in "soul" and found some interesting items. then narrowed it down with a black-white-and-orange theme. hope you enjoy some halloween inspired goodies! check it out by clicking HERE. happy fall!


  1. Hi Nicole!
    Love this idea...I`m going over to check them out now!
    Happy day to you!
    (i just sent a blog award your way on my post today....thank you for your wonderful blog:))

  2. What a beautiful blog. I spent some time on your other one too. You are a beautiful writer and photographer. I look forward to exploring more.

    Thank you for visiting Tattered Past. I appreciate your comments.



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