Friday, April 09, 2010

fun MAIL and art journaling class

i love it when i get good fun stuff in the mail!! along with the usual boring bills and catalogs i found my JOURNALFEST registration booklet! yeehaw! it came inside a hand-sewn folder which was mailed in a clear plastic envelope (sooo cool!)

on the cover of the folder is the word "suenos" which means dreams in spanish. this is certainly a dream of mine, to go to Journalafest and be among other like-minded artsy types, taking classes for three days and journaling all night! :) (and the little vacation from the kids isn't so bad, either! i'm almost more excited about getting a FULL nights' sleep for FOUR nights!)

and speaking of journals...i made another journal for my daughter maya. she wanted one JUST like mine (same paper for the cover and everything!). she picked out the papers she wanted inside and i made it a little smaller so we wouldn't get our journals mixed up. (the envelope is for size comparison.)

she's already started writing and drawing in it! i can't wait for the day i can take her to artfest or journalfest with me. i know she'd have a blast.

i'm art journal crazy right now! i am taking an online art journal class called "nostalgic musings" and it is so much fun. it is taught by hope wallace karney of paper relics. each week she posts a new prompt and a video going over her journaling process.

somer journaling from our recent vacation in phoenix (above). i got a lot of journaling done while the baby was hanging out with grandma and grandpa (thanks, mom!).

below is an example of a "sub page" inserted between a spread. the lady is a photocopy of an illustration from an old book glued onto cardstock and cut out and taped to the middle.

when you turn the sub-page, you can see writing on the back and some "hidden" elements on the second page.

here is a page waiting to be journaled on...

ok, it is just too beautiful outside to be indoors on the computer. time for a blanket and some art supplies. hopefully baby will comply and not try to wander off TOO far...


  1. what gorgeous journals...and lucky you going to Journalfest...what fun !!!!

  2. Oh these are so lovely. I love that your daughter wanted on too and you took the time to make it for her. I too can't wait until my girls are old enough to go to art workshops with me.
    have fun at journal fest. oh and thanks for the blog visit and our kind comments.

  3. I'm just loving all your journals!! So cute about your daughter wanting one.....

  4. I love your work. You are so inspiring. how do I sign up to receive your blog???????? Cindy



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