Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Journal Crazy, May Day swap, and Birthdays...

I saw this tutorial by Lisa Sonora Beam on how to make mini journals from greeting cards and had to try it myself! So much fun and quick, too!

I used scrapbook paper, old ledger paper, music sheets, and scraps from my daughter's birthday invitations and other paper scraps.

oh, and stickers (love my PaPaYa! stickers) and japanese deco tapes!! (just google or look on etsy! i love RetroNaNa or JustaPerfectDay)

And here are some more journal pages from my adventures with Nostalgic Musings. We're on week #2. I have yet to do the lettering, but I'll get to that today or tonite when everyone is asleep!

Here's on of the first pages I completed. It took me back to when I was a kid! I love writing about myself at that age. So much creative energy! I'm glad I still make art today.

And I ventured into making my own stamps! I had the materials to do it but just couldn't make the time or find the motivation (you know how that goes!). These were made with items bought from my FAVORITE japanese dollar store, Daiso. Just some wooden blocks and cut pieces of "no slip" shelf liner.

Other artful adventures:

I won this lovely hand-made fabric wall pocket from Ellen at One Ripe Peach! It's made with vintage sheets (my favorite fabric of choice these days!) and you can tuck things into the pocket. It's hanging in my studio as we speak!

Found this wonderful booklet full of old labels on Ebay. Most of the pages are still intact and include airmail labels, address labels, blank (in red and blue!) and labels for poison, fruit, jam, etc. Awesome! But it REEKS of smoke! :( Anyone know of a good way to get rid of smokey smell from old paper? I'm experimenting with putting it in a plastic bag by the window with some dryer sheets. Crazy, I know. but I think it's working...

Other fun was my birthday last saturday and i was surprised by a dinner at PF Changs (thank you, little brother!) and some gorgeous roses! It was a wonderful birthday considering we were just going to go out for coffee (weathering a mini financial storm right now...all will be well soon). So this was the icing on the cake!

Also, here is the amazing items i received recently in a may day swap hosted by artsymama. my partner, vivian, put together this wonderful collection of goodies (below). (she made the tussie mussie--paper cone with flowers--above!)

am i lucky or what? she made this amazing bracelete, too!

and that about wraps up what's going on over here. we're having some cloudy/rainy/cold weather i'll just finish with this post of a sunshiny day earlier in the week:

can't believe my little girl is going to be ONE already!! two more she's walking a little bit more each day and climbing (!!) on everything. can't leave a laundry basket because she will either climb in it (full or empty) or turn it upsidedown and stand ON TOP of it! she's a crazy little one but i love her dearly!


  1. happy birthday...xxxx love the journal and that bracelet!!!lucky

  2. Very nice journal. And happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to one San Jose Girl to another. Just stopped by from Trudy's blog and wow, I am glad I did. What a gorgeous blog. Love all the eye candy and creative goodies.

  4. Came here from Lisa's blog post about the mini-journals. Yours are so beautiful and full of yummy paper goodies, thanks for sharing. This post makes me happy, love your stamp idea too!

  5. Hi Nicole---

    Now YOU have inspired ME!

    Love this whole post -- and you're little girl is such a beauty!

    Now you can make a mini-journal out of all of her 1 year-old happy birthday cards!





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