Tuesday, March 30, 2010

finished journal!

a variety of recycled vintage and scrapbook paper

coptic stitched spine

the journal opens flat!

pages ready to be altered!

i LOVE making these coptic stitch journals! i finished the first one and then made my first custom journal for my stepdaugther, brielle. what's great about these journals is they are easy to make (i can make one in a day) and they use up all the materials i have around the studio. AWESOME! i love projects that use up stuff i already have.


  1. What a great use of stuff you already have. I love your journal and the coptic stitching.

  2. this is beautiful...xxx

  3. Oh I just love your journal! So pretty and very original.
    I really like your blog too!

  4. Wow, just lovely! I need to look into this more as I have never made a journal. I actually bought something similar at a local event and nearly swooned as I inspected in closely- so clever and one of a kind!!

  5. HI Nicole! I didnt make it to the PO this morning.. will mail out on Monday! I had fun putting your basket together. hope you like everything!



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