Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rain drops, Blue Girl and Middle of the Night Musings...

Not much to say today...just listening the the pitter patter of rain rolling off my roof and crackle splattering onto the ground below. Something about falling rain that also kind of sounds like bacon frying. Every notice? Ok, maybe it's just me. ;) Just wanted to share a little blue girl I collaged for a challenge on the Paper Whimsy forum. I like to join in on swaps and challenges every so often just to keep those creative sparks going.

I know I need to do more free-flow "no expectations or goals" kind of creating. I know then and only then will I find my true art voice. But in the meantime, it is still fun to be prompted and given homework to jump start my art. (Oh, bad 80s song is coming to gone!)

I cannot believe that Artfest is only a month away. And then Convenzione. And then Teesha and Tracy Moore's journaling weekend (on my due date!! I'm totally tempting fate here...I envision going into labor just as the last stitch is made in my journal and the last little bits have been collage onto the pages!) And then the little one will be here. (!) Anxiety and denial has officially turned into joy and anticipation! I'm ready (or as ready as I can be). It will be different, for sure. How will I make art and breastfeed and change diapers and get Maya to school on time and...? It will all come together.

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