Monday, March 09, 2009

Artfest is in the Air!

These are some of the trades for Artfest I've been working on...little shrink plastic charms mixed with beads and funky fiber in an array of ocean colors. (I was originally inspired by an article on shrink plastic charms in Somerset Workshop by Lisa Guerin). The theme this year is sea monsters! I've adapted it slightly to include mermaids and the faces I think look a lot like jelly fish with long tendrils flowing down.

This little one has a curly seahorse tail and butterfly wings. A sweet little monster!

This is a closeup of the face that reminds me of a gotta see the flowy tendrils for the full effect. ;)

Only 23 more days until ARTFEST!!! :)


  1. Hi Nichole,
    Love your trades. Can't wait to get mine. I got a laugh out of your studio. Mine looks like that although in 3 rooms instead of just one. I'm SLOWING digging through it.


  2. Love those "shrinky dinks" you made. I tried them one time and blew the fuse about 10 times! No smoke, but alot of lights out! You trades are really great.
    Janella (from PW)

  3. Oh I love your shrinky dinks...I want to make some someday....hope we can trade...if you want..I will save you one of mine.
    Thanks for the visit and kind comments.

  4. Those are lovely charms! Are they printable shrink plastic or rubber stamps? ANd do you spray a fixative on the image? I am asking because I enjoy working with shrink plastic.



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