Friday, February 13, 2009

Collage Inspiration

I've been attending a weekly book club over at A Work of Heart every Thursday night. We're currently working with Traci Bautista's awesome book, Collage Unleashed which is filled to the gills with colorful and inspirational techniques. We've been arting up watercolor paper, paper towels, linen, freezer paper--you name it!--to eventually make into a sewn, stitched and bound book! Next week we break out the sewing machines. I'm so excited!!

Last night, we took some of our collaged papers from the last few weeks and arranged them into a collage using ONLY masking and electrical tape! We will be stamping and adding more layers on top, too. I love that I can also scan or take photos of my papers and then print them out for use in future projects. The possibilities are endless!

1 comment:

  1. cool!! Thanks for taking inspiration from my book. Looks like you are having fun in class!



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