Monday, December 01, 2008

Hats Are a Good Thing

Maya when she was three went through this funny "phase" where she loved to wear hats. But not everything she wore on her head really qualified to us "grown ups" as hats. But she wore them anyway. In public, too! To the store, out on afternoon walks through the neighborhood. She is a fearless wearer of things that others might be to shy to wear out where others could see them.

She still loves to dress up in cat ears and dog masks when we go to Target or walk around the block to the bagel shop. Once, while wearing her plush dog mask on a shopping trip, she made several children giggle, moms and grandmas smile and coo, "awww, how cute" and a grown man jump in surprise when he exclaimed, "Oh man! I thought that was a stuffed animal and then it moved!"

We had to stop off at the post office after a birthday party one day and she still had the party hat on. But instead of wearing it on top of her head, she stuck it right into the middle of her forehead. "Do you want me to fix that so it's on top of your head?" I asked. "No, it's ok, " she said, "I'm a rhino!"

Be fearless. Wear something funky on your head today. Or mismatched socks. Or bright orange underwear. Just something different and out-of-the-ordinary to celebrate the creative and weird. ;)

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