Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

I really do love this time of year when the air turns crisp and cold and sometimes the sun peeks out to warm you up when you really need it. Fall has come and gone with a few leaves lingering on the trees. With the scorching temperatures gone (for now) I can pull back the curtains and let the LIGHT in! Our house is full of an enchanting warm glow during the sunlit hours of the day and, like a cat, I move from room to room following the sun for warmth and light. We got the trees trimmed in the front and back of the house and it makes for even more wonderful, light-drenched rooms. The leaves protect us from the scorching summer heat and in the winter, they draw back their shades to let the light pour in! I'm loving it. ;)

For the second time in my crafty life, I participated in a craft fair! But this time I learned my lesson and I bought affordable supplies that I could transform easily into delightful works of art. Last time I did this, I opted to learn several new crafts and the laundry piled up to the ceiling! And the kids ate cereal with water! (ok, it wasn't THAT bad. Good thing dad's the cook in the family. I just provide the basics and do the shopping. Funny side note: We were all watching tv one day and a commercial came on that showed a smiling mom carrying out a hamburger helper casserole out to her family sitting around a perfect dining room table. Maya turned to me and Raul and in a serious but inquisitive tone remarked, "Moms can cook?".) Ok, so craft fair. It was fun and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to prove to myself that I can make a living from my craft. :)

I wore my butterfly earrings out yesterday and got many compliments from friends and family. "Wow, you made these?" Yes, I did! :) And it was fun! I do have the goal of having my own Etsy shop up by the end of this year. Well, I think it's just around the corner, even if it's not technically launched January 1, 2009. ;) But big things are on their way. I just know it.

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