Saturday, June 18, 2011

phone photo fun (say that 3 times real fast!)

ok, i was a little slow to jumping on the smartphone bandwagon, but now that i've discovered the free app "little photo" for my android, i totally GET it now.  and i LOVE my phone. it is my new camera.
(above is a shot of a box full of vintage sheet fat quarters from a recent swap i did with the vintage sheet patchwork swap flickr group!)

it can take regular old photos and age them, make the colors all funky, make them look like they were taken by an old camera, etc.  fun fun stuff.  i will be experimenting a lot more in the near future and posting my results on the blog! 

now i just need an awesome, mini portable printer so i can add my photos instantly to my journal! any recommendations? ;)

also, be on the lookout for an upcoming mail art swap...i'll make some examples and post the info and take signups soon!


  1. Oh..looks fabulous..dont think i can get that ap on my phone but will chec it York had alteration as well...tea towel tote....have a great weekend and I love that vintage sleeting...i can never find frustrating..oh well.will give me an excuse to keep checking the op

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you jumped onboard. Those pictures are totally cute, and the apps are a vintage lovers dream come true! I love the idea of vintagizing something that happened two minutes ago :)

  3. I have a droid x and am also obsessed with the camera apps. I use a pogo printer. There's also an app for that, too. ;)

  4. Hi Nicole
    You might find this post interesting:

    And here is the printer:,2817,2373234,00.asp

    Or this: {instax mini camera}

    hope that helps!



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