Tuesday, June 21, 2011

camera phone crazy (and a journal page)

i am really having too much fun with my camera phone and the little photo app.  it takes your original photos and turns them into instant works of art! it makes them mysterious, moody or just plain fun.

so here are just a few photos documenting the first few weeks of summer.  we've celebrated birthdays (above, a friend of mine's son just turned two!)

we've gone for walks. (and gotten a few cuts and scrapes along the way)  this photo was altered in iPhoto on my mac.  i just played with the contrast, saturation and some other buttons. randomly switched them to the left or right.  just to see what would happen.

we've hung out in the park in the shady grass and had picnics and played in the water.

even my sweetheart came out to join us one day!  this one reminds me of those old tintype photos or really any photo from the late 1800s that are starting to fade away.  (i wonder how our photos and scrapbooks will hold up over time?)


here's sureya in the sun, soaking wet from running through the fountain.  just wanted to compare the original with the two different altered versions.  


i LOVE this one!  the colors remind me of partially-exposed film photos from the 70s.  

love the antique look of the light here.  you know, you don't have to have an app to do all this funky stuff to your photos.  you can also use photoshop and just tweak all the buttons (like for exposure, contrast and the hue, saturation, etc.  just randomly start moving the buttons around and see what happens!)

oh, and, yes. i have still been journaling a little each day.  i'm still in love with summer. except today we had a little falling out.  it was 95 degrees in the shade here in super-humid san jose.  so i went from loving summer to almost wishing we were back to spring.  but i know when the leaves start to change and the sun starts to set earlier each day, i will be wishing for my summer to return once again!

i'll have to do a separate post on portable printers and other fun alternatives to digital cameras.  thanks to my readers for some great suggestions! (follow up post coming soon!) :)


  1. I'm SO with you regarding phone camera fun. Did I read earlier that you have an Android? If so, check out Retro Camera in the Market. It's a ton of fun, too, and it's totally free.

    Oh, and Sureya's Band-Aids ... lmao. Ella goes through them like baby crack:) Every little scratch needs a "ban-gaid." I swear, I need to buy stock in the company! We just bought THREE boxes:)

  2. Cute photo aps. I love your journal pages as usual. I like the part "I have died and gone to summer" so sweet!

  3. Hi Nicole!!! I always LOVE looking at your journal pages. I was wondering if you are willing to share how to get started with journal writing. I have writers block despite I'm able to decorate my pages. LOL!!! I miss your postings. Hope to hear from you soon. :)

  4. Love every bit! Love the apps. Love your pages. The girls are so beautiful, sweetheart so handsome
    You are a lucky woman indeed!
    I have not seen your blog since the new look, very nice. Hope to see you at an Artsisters meeting soon.
    Xoxo julie. B.



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