Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I am just having too much fun!  The weather has been gorgeous this week and while the baby is napping, i'm out on the front lawn with my journal and supplies for about an hour of uninterrupted art time!  it feels really really good.

I especially just LOVE to use all my prettiest and most favorite paper, tape, stickers, cut-outs, rub-ons, etc.  I highly recommend just grabbing all the colors and things that make you happy and putting them onto paper, canvas or an art journal.  

I know we are all guilty of saving those supplies for that special day/project/class/moment, etc.  But really, the best time to use all the best stuff is NOW! :)

My journal is my most favorite place to use my best and most favorite stuff because I see it every day.  I think of it as my grown-up sticker book.  Did you collect stickers as a kid?  I did.  I had a very special sticker book and I remember filling up the pages with all my favorites.  Smelly scratch-and-sniff, puffy sticker animals with googly eyes, neon bright wonderful goodness!

And it's just so freeing to use what you have and not feel too attached to it.  It is fun to experiment and let go and not judge (too much!) ;)

i'm going to hawaii with my family in a few days and i'm having a hard time pairing down my supplies to fit into one little travel-sized bag.  i don't know if i can limit myself to just ONE journal! ;)

i'll have to make myself a new little travel journal, i think.  and just take the basics: mini kids scissors (as far as i can tell, any scissors under 4" are ok to take on the plane--but always check with TSA before flying when in doubt), mini glue stick, tape runner, a few washi tape (a few???), a small packet of papers vintage and new, one sheet of rubons, a small box of vintage labels, stickers (dilemma: the sheets are 12 x 12 inches!)... am i forgetting anything?

oh! and a few pens.  (that'll be hard trying to decide on those precious few!  and, does any one know which pens DON'T explode on airplanes?? i always have a problem with that!)

ok, i guess that's all for now. here's the list of materials used for the above pages:  tissue paper, washi tape, scrapbook stickers by october afternoon, echo park, sassafrass lass, cavalini & co and crate paper, collage sheet image by teesha moore, vintage dennison labels.


  1. I would be such a liar if I did not confess to ... being JEALOUS of your weather! All of the media (hee hee, I write because I AM part of the media) exclaims repeatedly about how wet, wet, wet this year has been! But, despite what everyone says about the media, it turns out they tell the truth. This year has been exhaustingly wet! I yearn, yearn, yearn to lie on my belly on the lawn. But I fear if I do right now, I will be sucked squelchingly into the mud that has replaced the front lawn. Soon, soon, soon, as the sun beats relentlessly down (at 80 too-hot degrees), I will be yearning for just one more touch of rain.


  2. Oh Mama, I love love LOVE these pages!!! And I'm so proud of/happy for you for using all your best quality goods. You know why? Because we're all gonna DIE!!!!! And it's so inspiring to see somebody living in the moment, even if it's--for the time being--just about using all the pretty decorations for yourself and not saving them for some perfect moment in the future (when they'd probably be used to make something for somebody ELSE). Good for you, Nika! :)

  3. Lovely way to spend nice weather. (Not that I know..;)
    I used to collect stickers. I had ALBUMS of them!!!!
    I guess you are forgetting something for your trip- ME! :))
    Have a wonderful time:))

  4. You should be fine with the scissors you mentioned.
    Pens-do NOT take a kohinoor nexus pen as they WILL leak. I take glaze, souffle, sharpie waterbased poster paint pens, pitt, and my refillable rapidograph pen (all stored in a ziploc bag). If you have any questions about flying with art supplies, email me! You can bring anything waterbased. I check paints, but carry on pens, glue sticks (1 or 2 big ones).
    Have fun and safe travels!!

  5. Love your journal. I loved stickers as a child and I admit I still do! I guess scrap booking, art journals are "adult" ways to use it as an excuse to still use stickers! ha ha. I just had a trip, on the plane I took with my travel journal, pens (felt tip), double sided tape, glue but no scissors and it was all fine.

  6. wowsers amaze me...your work is

  7. love these pages! Pretty pages filled with spring and summertime memories.

  8. So brilliant !!
    so much fun to look at your journal !!
    Love the matching colors of each.



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