Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & More Journal Pages

we had a fun easter filled with egg hunts, egg fights (!!), and turkey dinner with my folks. i also celebrated my 34th birthday today!  we had ice cream cake from baskin robbins, a favorite of mine since i was a kid!  i couldn't have asked for a better birthday--surrounded by the people i love the most!

here are some of the remnants of our egg fight.  target sold little egg cartons filled with cascarones (confetti filled eggs).  we hid them in the front lawn and then proceeded to smash them over each other's heads.  sureya was a little upset that we were smashing all the eggs--she started to cry!  poor thing, but then she had a good laugh when we let her smash one over daddy's head.  ;)

i finally got a chance to start working in my kauai journal!  i did ONE page while i was in hawaii, so all of these pages are just done from memory (and what sweet memories they are!) ;)

i've been carrying around the same bag of supplies i took with me and i like the minimal look.  sometimes i can just get so overwhelmed with choices, that it's kind of nice to limit the colors, stickers, paper, etc.

i made the journal the night before we left for kauai.  i just took some of my favorite scrapbook paper and cut it down to about 12x9.  i folded the pages in half and poked a few holes in the middle of the folded papers and quickly stitched them into the cover.  for the cover, i used a pretty file folder that i had also cut down to 12 x 9.  i embellished the cover with stickers and labels.

i am really loving sticky notes by cavalini and company.  i got a whole bunch of tins for $5 each at their yearly warehouse sale (normally they are a LOT more!)  they are just great to add little journaling spots to your page.

and of course, i am in love with washi tape.  and the bestest pen ever--the pilot permaball.  LOVE!!

just a few closeups.  i am using a lot more scrabooking supplies lately.  i love the variety and the colors and i can't get enough of fun, colorful alphabet stickers!

ah, and rub-ons.  a new favorite, too.  words are especially fun because it looks like a stamped image, but without the smearing or boo-boos.  it goes on smooth pretty much every time!

i took the girls out the other day for a walk to our favorite bubble tea place (my favorite new drink is the jasmine milk tea with strawberry jelly. YUM!)

and i actually got some journaling done!  it was heaven.  sureya sat in her stroller drinking tea and when the place wasn't busy, i let her out to explore.  it is a tiny little place, so she was able to look out the big glass windows at all the college kids going by and me and maya sat for almost an hour journaling!

what are some of your favorite journaling supplies?  i would love to know!  let us all know in the comments.  almost all of my current favorite supplies i've learned through others recommendations and classes i've taken.  if you ever have any questions about what i'm using let me know.  i'm always happy to pass on good art info!


  1. Ooh, amazingly cool pages, as usual Mama! And those are the most beautiful easter eggs I've ever seen. I wouldn't wanna eat them, just keep 'em in a display case until they grew new legs and walked off :P Happy Birthday, Mama Love!!

  2. My amazing journal supplies is washi tape.



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