Saturday, March 19, 2011


ok, not really! but it's the closest we get to snow in san jose! every spring, the plum tree in our front yard bursts into bloom and on a windy and/or rainy day, the blossoms begin to fall like snow and cover our entire yard in sweet, delicate petals!

i am super excited at the arrival of spring! longer, warmer days means more picnics on the lawn with my journal and favorite art supplies! in fact, the other day, me and maya were sitting on the lawn, enjoying a little break while sureya took her nap. we had our journals, pens, glue, images and we were in heaven!

ahhh...just lovely! but now the rain has come and it seems that it will be in town for over a week! what are we going to do?

i'm sure we'll think of something... maybe a fort in the middle of the dining room? dreaming of a sunny day.

and lots of time to make art!


  1. how beautiful! Spring is a wonderful time of year! We are going into our autumn now but it is still about 38 degrees c every day!

  2. OH!!!! HOW LOVELY!!!!
    Can you throw some up at me? I just am looking out the window at a real cold snowstorm....I like yours a LOT better!!!!!
    happy spring!

  3. What a great collage! Love the images in this combination, just as fun as can be! xx,
    Autumn Clark

  4. Hi there..i love that art!!!just wanted to let you know I have been inspired with your package ypu sent to me...I got it last night and quickly did a page ...thankyou so was a wonderful gift and it came at a time when I was feeling a bit down...many thanks Nicole...hope you like the page I did...may just do a mm collage tonight with some more of



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