Monday, March 14, 2011

scrappy pages and spontaneous rainbow giveaway!!

i'm made a few more pages for my album. it feels so good to finally be putting these photos onto pages and into albums! and i have the class "got paint?" by emily falconbridge to thank for it! :)

i always forget this trick/tip, but it is SO much easier to create almost ANYthing when you get a few steps done ahead of time.

i painted and stamped all my pages at once and then when it was time to lay the photos down, i worked on several pages at a time, flowing between each one when i'd get "stuck."

i have almost a full 6x6 album now. all colorful and rainbow-y and full of photos of me and my family! yay! so let's celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!

i've been cleaning up my studio--organizing, rearranging, and creating more messes (suddenly, surrounded by my art supplies and treasures, i'll be inspired to create!). so, i found two packages left over from a past rainbow giveaway/swap and i thought i'd offer a package full of RAINBOW goodies to the first TWO COMMENTERS! starting...NOW! **remember to leave a way for me to contact you either an email or blog or something!!**

good luck!!


  1. ps...
    thanks so muc...i needed a lift...xxxhugs to you....
    obviously one comment here....y

  2. Woot! What fun:)
    And I love your "coming along album") It's beautiful!!!

  3. well, i am too late!

  4. love your pages!! so cheerful!

  5. I love the idea of just making the pages and adding the photos ... You are able to finish things so much faster. Great inspiration!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful art-making last night. It was so inspiring and made me forget what time it was! I needed that. Let's do more and more! Here's to mama retreats!


  7. So great to see your progress and joy! Your pages are so special and the detail is wonderful. I think you are creating your own rainbow to brighten your life. :) The giveaway looks great, thanks for the chance. xx,
    Autumn Clark



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