Monday, October 04, 2010

let's swap a RAINBOW!

i'm loving the idea of swaps these days and i'd love it if you'd join me in a rainbow swap! let's collect fun and funky items from our studios in all different colors of the rainbow. items could include:

*paper (vintage, scrapbook, handmade)
*millinery flowers
*paper flowers
*ribbon, fiber, yarn
*vintage trims, ric rac
*scrapbook elements
*glass glitter
*misc ephemera, doodads, bits and bobs!

what to do: everyone will fill a total of 6 sandwich-sized ziplock bags with goodies each with a different color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). red items go in the red baggie, orange items in the orange baggie, etc. anything goes as far as what to put in the baggies, as long as they are items that YOU would LOVE to receive yourself. no need to buy anything extra for the swap, just use what you have on hand. (if you do want to buy some things for the swap, don't spend more that $5.)

how to sign up: just email me at kinueko @ gmail . com with the following info...
1. name
2. email
3. most favorite color
4. least favorite color
5. willing to swap with an international partner?
6. your website, blog, etsy and/or flickr site(s) (optional--but it helps your partner get to know you better)

i will leave the swap open until monday, october 11 and i will email everyone with the details and their partners next week (tuesday or wednesday). swaps should be postmarked to your partner by november 1.

hope you can join us!

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  1. I'm in, lol.

    C'mon people! Let's play:) It's a ton of fun.

  2. I'm in, too! Just emailed my info to you.
    Looks like fun!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    What a lovely blog you have. I have participated in a couple of Heather's swaps and they are so much fun and the boxes are so beatutiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hi Nicole. I like you`re blog. Youre welcome to visite my blog. It can be translated,,, from norwegian. I`ll tell you about a good netpage, visite

    B. Regards Elisabeth from Norway.



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