Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween party

my daughter decided it would be fun to have some of her friends over for a halloween party this past weekend. she had so much fun planning the games and food and picking out the decorations and goodies for the goodie bags. her favorite party prep task is putting together the goodie bags! i wish i would've gotten a picture of her with everything lined up on the dining room table, assembly-line style! she is my daughter, that's for sure. we both love to plan parties and organize and make lists and check them twice.

we went with an orange-and-black snack theme. carrots & olives and oranges & grapes (found these super dark black grapes at trader joe's!). we had a candy platter for making candy kabobs (full of gummy spiders, worms, brains...yum!) the kids also made candy (easy candy-making kit from michael's. it was a hit!)

i found these fun drink labels at target. the drinks are mexican sodas (jarritos) and they come in all kinds of bright and wonderful colors!

this year for halloween, she wanted to be a weeping angel from the bbc series, "dr. who." (basically, she is one of those stone angel statues you see in cemeteries, but in the show, they are aliens from another planet who can only move when no one is looking at them. so if you look at them, they seem like normal statues, but if you blink or look away and look back, they get closer and closer....it's super spooky!) i just wanted to share some photos of our fun day and hope you all have a wonderful halloween!

i will be gone this week attending journalfest in port townsend, washington. (yahoo!!!) i will be racing around like mad at the last minute packing supplies and warm clothes and trying to remember everything i'll need. i'll post photos of the fun when i return! :)


  1. Port Townsend? I'll wave to you from across the water! Try to stay dry:)

    I love those labels from Target. They're going to be great for journaling! They're cuter than any of the other similar labels I saw this year at Michaels and the Evil Scrapbooking Store ... and cheaper too! They look great on the Jarritos bottles.

  2. Hi, Nicole! Just had to give you a shout of thanks for my special mailing package! So colorful! So adorable! And, so energixed!!! There is something about just knowing that those items came from your place of creativity seems to inspire me - - thank you, my dear fellow artist!!

    Love the halloween photos!! What a great idea with the serving bowls - - LOVE IT! Your daughter is so precious ... I remember those days. Mine was a scary zombie this year - I'll email you a photo! LOL

    Thanks for sharing -



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