Friday, March 14, 2008

What's on My Project Table

Well, Artfest is just around the corner (I'm still in total disbelief) and I've been challenged by Heather of Paper Follies to post what is currently on my project table.
Currently, I'm working on a postcard swap for Alpha Stamps hosted by Lenna Andrews of Creative Swaps. (See the resulting works of art here.) I'm cutting it close to the wire (like usual!) but it will be out in the mail by Monday (cross my fingers--I mean, cross my heart!) :) I thought I'd also post my daughter Maya's project table, which sits right next to mine.
Currently, she is working on an altered book! She was inspired by the altered book I brought home from a recent RAFT workshop I took last month and decided to start her own.
Her art is so precious, it warms my heart! Right now as I write, she is at the table playing with paper punches. I enjoy making art with her and I'm glad we have something special we can share with each other.


  1. Such beautiful women...I love the possibilities that the twine presents! AND I LOVE that you posted your daughter's project table too! Her altered book is absolutely adorable...I think kids are such natural artists, so free and willing to experiment! Thanks for the lovely inspiration. Peace ~ Heather

  2. Heather,
    Thanks for the lovely comments. :) I am always inspired by my daughter's art. I love the way kids just jump right in with no fear!

  3. oh, what a sweet post! i love that your art tables are side by side, so so cute! and her altered book is adorable, i love that you guys have your art in common, that is so amazing, and wonderful that you're instilling the importance of art & creativity, i'm sure maya is a natural! ♥ your blog is lovely, i'll be back to scope out your latest & greatest creations, so happy we met!

  4. Thank you, Layla! I am lucky to have Maya by my side--she's my muse! I love to watch her make art. When she's really "into" a project, her tongue sticks out a little and it is just so cute! I was just in the art room today cleaning up and re-organizing and she wanted me to stay in there so she could make some art. I'm glad we share art in common, too. I see a lot of me as a kid in her when she's making art. It is inspiring! :)



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