Monday, March 03, 2008

My Art Was Chosen!

Blue wings from Artxchix Studio, Winter Faux Post by Renee Stockfleth, crown image courtesy of Paper Whimsy

This itty bitty I entered into an Artchix Studio swap was chosen to be included on an itty bitty collage sheet. I'm totally honored and excited! :) I also found out today that I will be a participating artist in the Hands on the Arts festival in Sunnyvale, California on May 17. The festival is for kids age 3+ and they get to roam around trying different visual and preforming arts activities all day. I will be teaching a felt doll project inspired by the Alpha Stamps felt doll swap I participated in. The kids will be decorating felt dolls and turning them into pins or stick puppets. I am very happy to say that it is possible to be a working artist! Anyone out there who wants to major in Art should just do it and not think, "What can I do with this degree?" Or if you are an accountant by day but an artist at heart, just do what you love!


  1. Yipee, Nicole! Congratulations...your piece is wonderful and I can see why it was chosen, how exciting! Best of luck at the festival ~ being with kids and art, how lucky can a girl get?
    Hugs ~ Heather

  2. Thank you, Heather! :) You're right--I AM lucky. I love that I can work with kids and art every day AND still have time at the end of the day to make art of my own.



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