Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer is in full swing and i am excited to spend a lot of time in the studio!  i'm taking an online class this summer with sarah ahearn called "pages and paint."  so far, we've created an inspiration board (above) and collected supplies (below).

just the sight of art supplies makes me happy!  so many possibilities.  what will i create?

getting my studio organized again after the big move!  it's so nice to have a space of my own again.  i love my new studio.  lots of light, space and room for all my stuff!

what summer dreams do you hope to accomplish this summer (art related or other)?  i plan to spend as much time as i can painting and making artsy messes.  i'm also looking forward to our family's first camping trip!  i envision taking a little portable art bag with JUST the essentials.

if you could only take 5 art supplies with you (not including the substrate, ie: canvas, journal, etc) what would they be?


  1. Pencil crayons, pencil, eraser, glue and scissors
    Hi Nicole!!:)

  2. hi! i found you through the pages and paint class and i'm so glad i did! i just love your sketchbook page! what would i bring with me? i think my new favorite thing would be the washi tape....and then colored pencils, markers, glue and collage papers.

  3. Hi Nicole, I'm another pages and paint participant! Love your blog, and all your artwork!

  4. Such lovely work place.
    heart will be flying when work in this place.



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